In a combined effort with BNSF-Santa Fe, CNIC/MidSouth/SouthrailGWWR/Metra-Electric/CRR/I&M, CN-WC, and CPR US/Metra North/ISRR/DM&E General Committees we hosted a Town Hall Meeting on September 7, 2017 in Roselle, Illinois.

President Pierce, Vice Presidents Pruitt, Twombley , Ruef and Priester as well as Director of Education and Training Jason Wright from the National Office were all in attendance.  President Pierce spoke on several topics regarding including National Negotiations.  There were 86 members in attendance.

On September 6, President Pierce and Vice Presidents attended Division 683 meeting.  On the evening of September 7, they then attended Division 404 meeting.

We want to thank President Pierce and our National Brothers for taking the time to attend all these meetings and answering questions of our membership.

We also want to thank BRCF and Cornerstone Assurance for sponsoring the luncheon following the Town Hall meeting.