The information changes daily as we all have seen and was given as a current status during this week.

Tom Lischer – System Update

  • We are seeing continued washouts and track outages from the spring storms.
  • Crews need to familiarize themselves with Procedure FF and the requirements of GCOR 6.21

Erin Batt – Safety Update 

  • New safety testing program, COMMIT;
    • Coaching
    • Observing
    • Mentoring
    • Motivating 
    • Integrity
    • Trust
  • Maps will no longer be associated with the testing program. however, ERA (employee risk assessment) is back as an indicator.
  • The manager requirements have changed with their “quotas”:
    • Drop to 10 tests a month from 20.
    • 30 min ride along replaces 20 min observations.
    • Rule review should happen with every contact.
    • Manager is rewarded more for “saves” than “close calls” or human factor incidents.
  • Three levels of the testing program will be as follows:
    • Save:
      • stop move prior to critical rule violation
      • no affect on ERA
      • Used for data collection
    • Close Call
      • At risk behavior on a critical rule identified
      • not associated with maps, ERA adjusted
    • Human Factor Incident
      • All discipline through maps is allowed discretion of the General Superintendent, dependent on the employees history.
  • Only 6 tested behaviors
    • Use of switches and derails
    • Close clearances
    • Shoving movements
    • Walking on, around, between, or under equipment
    • Securement, air brake, train handling
    • Red signal, main track authority, restricted speed, maximum authorized speed
      • NOTE: PTC enforcements are still critical violations.

Cindy Sanborn – PSR Update

  • Focus still on moving cars, building bigger trains, creating multipurpose trains
  • Hiring plan for remainder of 2019 has been adjusted as follows:
    • Bill/South Morrill- None
    • Midwest- 20 (Projected was 60)
    • Twin Cities- 5 (projected was 45)
    • NE2- 25 (projected was 35)
    • CFT- 45 (projected was 70)
    • EA1- 35 (projected was 45)
  • Crew Productivity: daily starts across the system are tracking as follows since last year:
    • Through freight (road): -322
    • Switch runs: -150
    • Crews on heldaway: +88

Rod Doerr and Beth Whited – Workforce Resources (Human Resources and Labor Relations)

  • New attendance policy in the works, more openness
    • Employee will have a set number of “points” and they will see how much a layoff “costs” when they go to layoff.
    • Still in planning phase, possibly late 2019/early 2020

Dave Giandinoto – HDC update

  • PTC usage will expand
  • Verifying remote messages/authority by end of year

Naomi Deines – CMS Update

  • Mobile app
    • Call acceptance
    • Layoff request
    • Seniority moves
    • Swap turns
    • Auto activation for preapproved layoffs
      • Scheduled for rollout shortly

Shane Keller and Tom Lischer – Breakout session:

  • Current plan (still constantly changing):
    • Des Moines receiving switching work from Kansas City restructure
    • Global 1 closing
    • Global 3 closing inbound gates
    • Global 2 expanding
    • Proviso still unsure about hump future